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Posted by Bill Morris ( on November 03, 2004 at 16:54:43:

In Reply to: Warm engine cut-out problem posted by Kelly Cayocca on 05:33:06 05/25/04:

Dear Kelly: Don't eliminate fuel just yet but change condensor first, they fail with heat up when going bad. If theres a coil resistor it may be suspect to, check color of spark at plug when running(good place to get your hair do reworked if your not careful)spark should be white to blue, yellow means weak(coil or condensor)points either work or do not.Fuel line blockage can act the same way, run while, stop wait and run a little again. If you can catch it stopped, remove fuel line from carb and see if its dry, either turn over or switch on and see if your getting fuel to the carb. Use jar to catch spillage, check fuel content and for dirt in jar. No Fuel replace line to carb and check at pump inlet for dry line, back step it to find the blockage. I carry a small 12 volt inflator that can be adapted to fuel line to back flow and flush lines until I polished the fuel system and removed pieces of silicone sealer somebody had used to seal connections on there gas pumps,(urge to kill)

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