Warm engine cut-out problem

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Posted by Kelly Cayocca ( on May 25, 2004 at 05:33:06:

I'm new to the board and have reviewed the archives but haven't come across my particular problem. Here it is if anyone can help me out (I'm far from the Atomic 4 homeland, living here in France):
My 1964 A 4 (just took possesion a week ago, installed in a Cheoy Lee B30) is cutting-out when warm. The first time this happened, and after motoring for several hours, the engine just stopped cold. It didn't cough so I'm leaning more toward an electrical problem than a fuel problem. After drifting for 20 to 30 minutes, the engine started again and ran for about an hour before again stopping cold. This happened about 5 times while trying to make it back to port with no wind.
One day later, with a spare coil rigged to check for overheating there, the engine cut out as soon as I put it in gear and applied a load. After switching coils (took about 1 minute) the engine started fine then cut-out as before about 30 seconds into motoring, under load.
I really thought an overheating coil was going to be the problem but with the second coil producing the same result, I think I can eliminate that as the root. I've changed all the spark cables, checked and cleaned all distributer parts, scratched my head profusely and am now looking for advice (mechanics here were also thinking coil).
The engine was running a little hot, if we can believe the temp. gauge (190deg F +; fresh-water cooled).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kelly Cayocca

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