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Posted by Bill Morris ( on November 03, 2004 at 15:42:15:

In Reply to: A4 alternator posted by Mark Smith on 15:27:01 07/05/04:

Dear Mark: I replaced my alt. w/ larger amp unit(ARCO) it uses only one wire from the battery and has internal reg. It is confusing when you have several wires and no place to hook them up on the newer unit. Some alt. do not need the exciter wire from the coil or ing., some have a lead to the battery selector switch to keep you from blowing the alt. if you should switch over from one battery to another during operation, never a good idea, change before starting or use battery combiner instead of isolator and both with charge without changing selector switch. New one wire units need only one wire(battery)to work. I tried the route asking at the alt. repair shop, they don't know what to tell you without seeing how your using it but alt. can be wired differently internally, I suspect this is what you have, you really need to up grade from 35 amp when you can, they will work but your maxing with any batteries of any size, and quicker recharge means less fuel wasted building the batteries, more amphereage from the replacement usually doesn't really cost anymore then repairing your old 35 unit, but when you change you run into the "its the same just different"quagmire.

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