No spark after changing points, condenser, etc.

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Posted by Bruce, CC 27 MKIII, Moonstruck ( on May 24, 2004 at 12:54:08:

Hello all,

I changed the points, condenser, cap, & rotor yesterday on my '77 C&C 27. The engine ran fine with the previous points, cap & rotor, etc. It has a Delco distributor, and I got the point gap set to .025" according to spec, and did not change the timing. Now, it won't start at all, and I'm getting no spark whatsoever. Aargh!

I am now going to go back and check for power at the points, and make sure the points are contacting with a light. In addition, if there is no power there, I'll check at the coil as well. Can you give me any hints what might have caused this? I took the part numbers directly out of Moyer Marine's book, and they cross-indexed them to the parts, and they look correct.

Also, on a related question, I set the #1 cylinder on TDC (cylinder pressurizing, and setting the pin exactly vertical & on the timing point). When I did this, the rotor did not point at a 90 degree angle (9 O'Clock position). It did, however point at about a 135 degree angle (10:30 position). Is this normal?

Thanks in advance,


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