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Posted by will ( on May 11, 2004 at 18:05:01:

In Reply to: From generator to alternator posted by Mike Haas on 10:27:48 05/10/04:

Hi Mike:

Studs are cheap, I would buy new ones. The older blocks are more rust resistant than the late models. Univeral got cheap with the nickel in the later years. You did not say if you were in fresh water or had fresh water cooling. I would soak the studs with good penetrant first. If the threads are in bad shape, well they were anyway. You can also go to, I think, 10mm studs and get a little more grab. If it does not work, well your alternate was a head gasket anyway. You will need a stud puller or if you are good two nuts stacked and jamed might do it, but do not count on it. And if something breaks, off with your head! The other side of the coin is that thing has been on there a long time, leave it. I would suggest making a bracket or adapting the generator bracket to accept the alternator. It would be safer. That is what I did with my old land rover and the wife's old MG, and wow the lights are bright and the starter cranks. Good luck with your decision, let us know what happens.

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