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Posted by will ( on May 01, 2005 at 02:44:23:

In Reply to: Atomic 4 Exhaust System posted by Dennis Auld on 16:21:27 04/21/05:

Hi Denny:

I have a peason coaster and I did the whole thing. I duplicated the parts that were already in the boat. The pipe size is 1 1/4. Buy it at the hardware store. you can use black or galvanized. The galvanized will stink for a while, I would use black. It is easy to do and will last many years. The cost of stainless or brass is not warranted. Basically out of the manifold to up as far as you can, like short of the cockpit floor. then horizontal about 8 inches then down to a point well below the manifold. The water injection is inserted on the down leg at a point a little lower than the manifold. Use a 45 degree wye with a reducer in the 45 leg and a pipe nipple to fit your hose, usually 1/2 inch hose. Some people use a siphon break at the top of a loop in the injection hose. You can use a water lift muffle but I do not even have a muffler and it works fine. A good hose is used from the iron part to the stern, steam hose. The exit out the stern must be above waterline on any angle of heel. A word of caution. without a muffler the hose holds less water and it is easy to fill if you crank your engine for a long time. Water will flood your engine. I always shut my thru hull for the night and when I start I crank with the thru hull closed and open it on start. The iron part needs to be insulated. Mine would get hot enough to vapor lock the fuel pump, but the cockpit floor was warm.

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