Fuel Filter Water Separator

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Posted by Ericson 29 Bob ( on January 03, 2005 at 18:06:23:

In Reply to: Which gasoline/water separator for the Atomic 4? posted by Paul on 13:18:58 12/29/04:

I used the cheapo ($20-$30) tempo model available at most boating stores. The metal filters are about $10. It would be nice to see the water but I just dump the contents into a clear jar when I change the filter and sure enough, it contains some water. I installed the unit between the tank and the fuel pump at a high point in the system to keep gas from dripping all over when I change the filter. My water in the fuel problems completely stopped.

Besides changing the filter at least once a season, I also "vacuum: water out of the low point in the tank once a season. I made a little pump with an outboard fuel line with a primer bulb and a piece of copper tubing hose clamped to the end. I stick the copper tube into the bottom of the tank through the supply line hole and pump until water, bugs and dirt stop coming out. I can't believe my engine actually ran at all with all the junk I pumped out the first time!

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