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Posted by JIm ( on December 05, 2004 at 11:43:30:

In Reply to: Atomic 4 eng # , non detergent oil posted by Ellinor Leonard on 10:15:28 08/20/04:

I am a sailor first and a sales man second. I have an AMSOIL distributor ship and use the products in everything I own Cars boats motorcycles,even my old Brigs and Stratton lawnmower which is 27 years old and had seized the crank and was restarted with AMSOIL put in and still runs like a champ.I flushed the Old Atomic and replaced the oil with Pure Synthetic Amsoil and went about 2500 miles with hours of motoring and idel to run my electrical system. The motor is quiet shifts better and runs cooler and uses very little oil I also got 150 more RPM from full throttle. The recomended oil change for autos running this oil is 25000 miles I am not sure about my Atomic but I am going to change it and add a filter system.This could be the best thing Atomic has had happen to it,some engines are running at around 500.000 miles and show very little wear.I will give you more info if you would like but I do not want to offend anyone by using the site for the purpose of sales.

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