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Posted by Jim ( on December 05, 2004 at 11:03:03:

In Reply to: atomic 4 shutdown posted by Don Hood on 22:17:24 11/03/04:

I have had this happen as well,sailing motering along and then zap nothing the motor just stops and will not start some times it does. I have found that the coil is the problem most of the time if I stick a spare on it will start right up and that would indicate the coil is bad "right" Don't throw the old coil out just yet I found that I could put the backup #1 or #2 in a box and use it later when #3 craps out and it would work fine sometimes for weeks and then zap. You must check every wire and replace any thing thaat is worn with top grade wire and connectors with heat shrink I mean make the connections like an aircraft if you can even soulder them is better. This problem is one that you may never solve I hav not found the cause or a cure but I hav some ideas,heat is number one it could be that the coil at least on my engine is mounted on the back of the motor and it gets real hot and causes the secondary field to collaps in the coil. What the heck! you may be asking OK coils to the best of my knoledge have two sets of windings in them primary and secondary which boost the current from lets say 12000V DC to 30000V DC some of the coil designs are in oil which acts as an insulator and when it gets to hot it breaks down. Sounds good on paper huh. the second theory which has about as much weight as the theories behingd the Bermuda triangle ia that the Atomic after several hours at a constant RPM sets up its own magnetic field causung the field to collaps (True ?)and a worm hole opens the fabric of space and sucks the power out of the engine(BS)likely. Well you have it my best guess, I like the second one best of all so would Steven Hawkings.

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