four Atomic -4's for sale

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Posted by Jason L. Russell ( on November 29, 2004 at 01:48:39:

I have four A-4's for sale, including one new head, two consoles, several alternators and a freshwater cooling system. I believe all rebuildble and all have stuck rings. All engines are complete if someone wishes to rebuild - the four could net a nice profit. I was told that with parts and machining rebuilds cost between 500 and 1700. With the milled head and two head gaskets (head gaskets cost $60 bucks) the costs should be on the low end. One has some surface rust visible but nothing substantial the rest are just plain stuck but look great. for info. All four for $1500, come pick them up. That's $375 per complete engine, drive and acecssories; I have recieved a bit of attention as I listed these at several locations first with the money takes them away. I believe the price makes me the cheapest show in town. I need to move fast on a diesel or I would not sell them.

They are located in Bellingham, Wa. but for gas and dinner (I am a broke college kid with a 37' ft Sailboat - I will do alot for a homecooked meal - it is possible that I may starve but I will do so aboard! A man needs priorities in life) I would deliver as far south as Tacoma.

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