Water Pump Issues

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Posted by Dennis Lancaster ( on November 16, 2004 at 15:54:52:

In Reply to: Water pump Impeller questions posted by Mr. K on 22:21:41 11/15/04:

Hi Chris,

I recently replaced the impeller on my fresh water oberdorfer pump. When I removed the cover, I discovered that the retaining clip was missing. I inquired about this and was told that I can run that pump without the retaining clip. When I removed the impeller, the shaft, easily came out with it. The impeller slipped off the shaft with ease. I had ordered a new impeller from Moyer and it was an easy task to slip the new impeller on the shaft and then insert the shaft back into the pump, turning as I did so, until the key on the end of the shaft slipped into place, gasket and cover went back on and it was done. I was warned to look to see if the impeller blades where broken, as the pieces can get into the cooling passages and cause an overheat. You want to be sure you have all the pieces. You can check for the correct impeller on Moyer's web site. My shaft was also scored where the seals ride, but I have no leaks at this time. So, it is my plan to replace this pump with the new one offered on Moyer's web site, as this new pump has sealed bearings, an integral cam is also there, so fluid flow is set. And, no grease cup to mess with. As for your situation, I would feel more comfortable if I could pump antifreeze through the engine with a working pump, as you will have lost some fluid when you opened the pump. Also,there still remains the possiblity of impeller pieces lodged in your cooling passages. Do you want to deal with it now or in the spring? Perhaps someone from you climate zone could respond with the freezing issue. I don't worry about that with the heaters that I have aboard for winter, plus we don't have anything like a hard freeze here.
Best of luck to you.

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