Got the head off finally

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Posted by Jon Botzler ( on November 03, 2004 at 21:41:39:

In Reply to: Water in #4 cylinder posted by Jon Botzler on 18:36:36 10/11/04:

Well after many hours of taping, prying, and lubricating I finally removed the head. I purchased a stud removal tool from Moyer Marine but had no luck using it. I tightened it up on a stud and tried to twist it out but the tool continued to slip on the stud threads. So I went back to taping and prying. I managed to remove it without removing or damaging any of the studs. I also laid steel plates with a hole in them over the spark plug holes. They rested on top of the studs. Then I screwed in a 9/16" 18 thread/in bolts down through a few washers, the steel plate, and into the spark plug holes. Using a torque wrench, I tightened the bolts (35psi) which applied a lifting force on the head. I continued to drive screw drivers and cold chisels into the perimeter of the head/block crack. It was a lot of work but I finally succeeded. Now, I learned how the sea water was entering into cyl #4. The underside of the head (manifold side) had a 1/2 by 3/4 hole in it and a hairline crack caused by 20+ years of rusting. It finally got large enough to reach the head gasket by cyl #4. So, now I need to find a new or used head for a late model A-4. Another problem I see is that the water passageways in the block are clogged up. I need to some how clear them. Then once I get it back together I need to flush the cooling system with a strong coolant flush. I am open to ideas.

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