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Posted by Bill Morris ( on November 03, 2004 at 16:10:24:

In Reply to: engine won't shut off posted by Fred Fuller on 16:22:08 06/27/04:

Dear Fred: We'll eliminate compression as causing the combustion of fuel when ing. is lost, the a4's don't have that much compression, you'd need more than 12:1 compression ratio for that. Over heat, meaning red hot piston tops or carbor holding excesive heat could cause it, enough heat to ignite fuel without spark, surely your not running that hot without knowing it? should be hearing a bad spark knock during stopping, Lastly, we have electrical source other than ing. switch feeding the coil, a charged line coming from alt. battery or selector switch feeding the coil 12 volts even when the switch is off. Look at positive side of coil connection and see how many wires you've got running to it, trace them or remove one at a time and try starting and stopping till you've found the source, turn switch off and with volt meter see of your getting a reading to the coil, exciter wire to alt. could be causing it. something shorted in alt. Let me know when you find it, it is a interesting situation.

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