A2 thermostat

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Posted by Bill Morris ( on November 03, 2004 at 15:56:57:

In Reply to: Parts for Atomic II posted by Joy Fernon on 17:09:10 07/04/04:

All thermostats work off bees wax, expansion of wax opens valve and lets coolant circulate,if it fits the hole and isn't crushed by replaceing the housing your in business, all I've ever seen are either brass or stainless so your OK in salt or freshwater, they should be stamped with operating temp range, 160 is enough to heat water for water heater if your using one.1/8th national pipe thread NPT looks for world about 1/4 by eye, pipe thread means its tapered so the tighter you tighten it the more it seals.Your fuel pump will really need to be coast guard approved, fireproofing and reliability really count here, expect to pay 100 or more for a marine pump and the filter is all important to, water or dirt can strand you in stormy weather, rough water stirs up trash on bottom of tank and you need a filter that can handle it without putting your life at risk becaused you saved a few dollars with an automotive fuel filter.Do I sound like the voice of experience? Big waves and wind is not the time to have motor failure.

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