water flow

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Posted by Kim ( on October 10, 2004 at 14:54:29:

In Reply to: impellers posted by will on 03:23:48 10/10/04:

Thanks Will -

Guess I'm gonna be brave and dive into the impeller project. Would rather learn at the the dock than in the middle of a storm.

I have a buddy that has an A4 that spits water in "glugs" like most diesels. Mine is a constant flow of water. My engine was totally rebuilt (to the tune of 4,300) a couple of years ago and I am trying to take good care with oil changes twice a year, hose checks, etc. I've had to change the regulator and alternator (or is it a generator). We have a guy at our local marine shop that lends advice and help. Any other advice that you can give? What's the deal on the thing that I fill with grease and screw in (is that the water pump?). I'm lucky in that I have a ton of room to work. I pull the oil with a can that sucks it our. I get 4 courts out exactly. How many courts does the engine hold? I don't burn a drop and it stays way clean. Does the gear box and engine oil share? The engine looks pretty simple but I'm NOT a gear head. I'm the Parks and Rec Director for Sandpoint ... a professional play person (smile). Again, any advice on care would be great.

Again - THANKS!

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