Removing the Engine

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Posted by John ( on July 30, 2004 at 21:03:25:

In Reply to: removing the engine posted by Tim on 17:04:06 07/30/04:

You can certainly remove the engine with the boat in the water. The issue is how to get it out of the boat regardless whether the boat is in the water or not. That will depend on your boat and on whether you have a hatch above the engine, whether it is large enough or if you have to get it into the cabin first and rig it out the companionway. You can possibly use a block rigged from the boom to get it on deck and even swing it to a dock, provided it is strong enough. You would do best to remove the alternator, at least, to make it easier. If the engine is being sold for parts anyway you could take more parts off to lessen the weight. The engine itself weighs about 310 lbs. so understand what you need to be able to lift. Frankly I would let a boat yard do it to avoid the possibility of it going through your bottom if you make a mistake. However, I know someone who used the boom to lift his engine out and into another boat to get it ashore for rebuild.

Getting it disconnected should be easy. Remove the fuel line and electrical connections, remove the hold down bolts and unbolt the coupling to the prop shaft. You will eventually need to haul the boat to remove the prop shaft and plug the hole.

Taking 300 lbs. out near the middle of the boat and puting a lighter outboard on the stern will certainly change the trim. It may well affect the sailing qualities. For example adding weight forward to trim the bow down will reduce weather helm. The opposite will increase it. How much depends on the boat.

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