removing A4

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Posted by Mark Smith ( on July 30, 2004 at 21:01:18:

In Reply to: removing the engine posted by Tim on 17:04:06 07/30/04:

The dynamics of the boat will change considerably if you remove the engine while the boat is in the water, unless you have already removed the prop shaft and sealed off the shaft tube. You will convert the boat to a submarine.
If the motor/prop shaft is still in place, you will need to pull the boat out of the water. Disconnect the prop shaft from the motor-- there is a flange connecting the shaft to the transmission. Unbolt this flange and the shaft slides out the back, motor out the front. As far as sealing the 1-1/2 - 2 " hole that remains, you would probably be well off hiring a fiberglass specialist to assist you. I would not remove the engine and leave the shaft in place-- you're asking for a sinking sooner or later, probably sooner.
The sailing dynamics after all this is done is all a matter of balance. How far forward was the A4, how big is your boat, how big is your outboard? If the A4 was placed fairly well aft, and you have a boat I would normally associate with an A4 (28-33 foot) and you are using a reasonable outboard (10 hp or less) it will make some difference, but maybe not a lot. Lots of guys carry a 4-6 hp outboard on their pushpit for their dingy. You can always add weight forward to compensate. I'd suggest you talk to the mechanic at your marina, or to one of the older sailors around.

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