engine flushing

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Posted by Ross ( on July 05, 2004 at 01:18:51:

In Reply to: Marsolve flush vs. Muriatic acid posted by Ross on 17:12:45 07/01/04:

Hi Jim, I retrieved an email I had sent off to a forum, right after I'd done the flushing. Here it is. " I used the rear-upper water hose connection to return the marsolve to the 5 gal. bucket. No liquid was lost out the exhaust because the engine uses this rear-upper outlet to send coolant water overboard via the exhaust, but now the temporary hose routes it back to the 5 gal. bucket. I didn't dilute the marsolve. I let it run continuously about 3 hrs with the little drill pump connected to my 3/8 ths electric drill. The drill didn't burn out! I repeated the whole process again using another gallon of marsolve, yes I bought 2 gallons of the stuff, but I think that was overkill, one gallon should be just fine.
Now the engine runs cool. I removed the thermostat and put in a "barrel valve" between the thermostat outlet and the exhaust manifold inlet to control the temperature. A barrel valves handle allows you to see how far the valve is turned when you adjust the temperature when running and watching the temperature Gage. I leave it set at one setting all the time.
I have since installed fresh water cooling but still retain the barrel valve.
I am now installing the INDIGO electric fuel pump and am lusting after the INDIGO "Atomic 4 Temperature Control System".
Good Luck.----- Ross.

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