Plugged jet in carburator?

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Posted by Mike Haas ( on June 07, 2004 at 10:15:26:

I think I have a plugged jet in the carburator, but someone please doublecheck my logic on this one...

(early model A4 in pearson Triton)
Engine started and ran fine for the hour out of the harbor. Sailed 4 hours, primarily heeled to stbd 20-30degrees, 3'seas. At destination harbor, engine started and ran at half-cruise rpm, would not run faster than that. 15 minutes later, engine quits. Not an immediate abrupt death, more of a slow-down-to-stall over the course of 3 seconds.

Plenty of fuel being delivered to carb. In fact, when I dismounted the carb yesterday, it was LOADED with fuel, presumably from all of the "startgoddammitSTART!!" cranking earlier in the day.
I split the carb open. The floats are fine. Needle is fine. Removed main jet needle and sprayed everything down with cleaner. Reassembled and remounted, engine still won't run. Plenty of spark. Sparkplugs are dry.

It seems that the fuel just isn't making its way past the carb and into the cylinders. Therefore, I think I must have a clogged jet, and need to order Moyer's rebuild kit to replace the jet.

Have I overlooked something? Thanks all.

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