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Posted by will ( on May 12, 2004 at 01:03:28:

In Reply to: Fuel not getting to engine posted by Phil on 18:54:32 05/11/04:

If you have a mechanical fuel pump disconnect the hose or copper line at the carb. You can opperate the pump with the wire bail under the pump. This will tell you if the pump is good or not or if you have a plugged line. If you have an electric fuel pump and it has an oil pressure cut off switch, as it should, you will not get fuel until you have oil pressure. Normally there is a minute or so of fuel in the carb to establish oil pressure and the reply from the fuel pump is immediate. Jump the oil pressure switch with the ignition key on, you should hear the fuel pump work and get fuel out the fuel line you disconnected from the carb. Catch it with a cup and do not let it into the bilge, it does not take much to get a free ride to the moon. I would also check fuel filter, as you probably already have. Also turn off the cooling water thru hull if you are cranking the engine a lot as it will fill the exhaust with water and the water will back into the engine. Turn the thru hull on immedately after start up. The drop tube in your tank can corrode off if it is not plastic and it will not reach a half tank fuel. If it is accessable disconnect the hose at the upstream side of the filter and blow in it. If the wife can hear bubbles at the fuel fill the tube is ok, at least at that fuel level. Hope this helps, can't think of anything else. Let us know what you found out, we might learn something. Will

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