Flood? Steam?

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Posted by David ( on March 23, 2004 at 00:24:37:

I have Pearson 30 with an Atomic 4. The motor is been running great. However, I had an unexplained incident two weeks ago and I want to post it to the board.

Two weeks ago, I went out to the boat... a week after the previous sail and found about six inches of water over the cabin sole. I pumped it out with the manual bilge pump and found that the wiring on the bilge pump had failed. It was replaced the next day. Since then, the bildge only has an inch or so of water and the boat appears dry. I've been all over it and cannot find a leak that would make that much wather. Just a few drops at the stuffing box.

Through holes are sealed.

Remembering the day sail prior to the water intrusion, I remember noticing steam coming from the exhaust. The exhaust port was in the water while we were motoring. I think that's normal so I just attibuted it to the hot exhast hitting the water. It did strike me as more than normal though.

I was out yesterday doing some maintenance at the dock and noticed a bit of steam and perhaps a little fuel or oil on the surface of the water behind the boat. Fearing a blown head gasket, I did a compression check tonight. All four cylinders are spot on 95 psi. The oil is not 'milky white.' In reading the Moyer book, it says that late model engines should not have ANY steam and suggest that there might be an internal water leak.

So, how do I tell steam from exhaust and where might such a water leak be? Might this have anything to do with the unexplained flooding incident?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


Pearson 30

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