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It is with regret that I am announcing that I am removing the ability to post messages onto the A-4 Board for the time being. The amount of SPAM the board is receiving far exceeds the amount of legitimate posts and it has just become too much of a burden to keep it clean. I will be leaving all of the existing posts and the search feature up to be used as a source of reference material. Thanks to all of you who have participated and shared knowledge with others on the board.

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If you have a website that is related to the Atomic 4 Engine and would like a link to your site placed on the Forum, simply contact the Forum Administrator. We will personally review your site and decide if it is compatible with the Atomic 4 Forum.

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The Atomic 4 Forum does accept requests for banner advertising. Use this form to send all requests to the Forum Administrator.

The Atomic 4 Forum has rescued me on a number of occasions by supplying useful information. How can I help support the Atomic-4 Forum so that this excellent service remains online?

Bruce R. Myers is the main sponsor of the Atomic 4 Forum. Bruce currently has released two CD's: Stinkpot & Rags and Boat Logic. Both CD's are available for purchase at his website. Bruce has combined his love of boating, sailing and cruising into these two collections of unique and original songs with a nautical theme. I know you will enjoy listening to Bruce's music while cruising. You can also purchase the CD's by mail order using this form. Use Code "atom4" when ordering and receive a 10% discount.

We also have advertising banners throughout the site for various vendors that help us keep the Atomic 4 Forum up and running. Your continued support is much appreciated. We try to keep the advertising as unobtrusive as possible by avoiding the always annoying popup banners and adbots.

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