Water pump Impeller questions

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Posted by Mr. K ( on November 15, 2004 at 22:21:41:


We were late in winterizing our engine this year due to a cold snap soon after haulout. After running a heater in the engine compartment overnight to defrost things, we ended up getting the engine started, but it wasn't pumping the antifreeze in. So we opened the water pump cover and saw the impeller was in pieces.

We had great difficulties in getting the old impeller off. We ended up cutting it away, taking the circlip out, and then we had to pry, twist and otherwise force the metal ring off the shaft. The spare impeller we have appears to be the right shape, but is too small and looks like it would have to be pressed in to fit.

My questions are:

1) Should the impeller remove and reinstall easily or does it have to be forced on/off?

2) Should the shaft be able to come out of the water pump housing? We were able to pull it out to a point, but it wouldn't come out the rest of the way.

3) DO I need another type of impeller than the one we have? The engine serial number is 198356 and the model number is 5111. The water pump cover says Oberdorfer on it.

4) In the short-term (due to more damage just the impeller) should I be thinking about just putting the pump cover on, filling the engine with antifreeze and waiting till the spring?

5) Any more damage I should be worried about?

Chris Krepski
Ottawa, ON

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