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Posted by John ( on July 04, 2004 at 20:36:53:

In Reply to: Parts for Atomic II posted by Joy Fernon on 17:09:10 07/04/04:


The Atomic 2 is not related to the Atomic 4 except that they used the name because the Atomic 4 was so popular, so parts interchangeability would be questionable. It was actually a Kermath Sea Twin. I am guessing that Universal just marketed it but may have gotten the rights to build it. See the history of the Universal Engine Company on the website of Atomic Four Engine Service in Vancouver, B.C. (

Most of the fuel filters on the market are only for diesel or gasoline outboard use and because of their plastic parts, not legal for an inboard gasoline engine. I have a small Racor all metal unit but I can't find a listing for it now and it may have been discontinued. However I did see on the West electronic catalog a Frahm model with 1/4" NPT connections.

I am not sure why you insist on the 1/4" hose. It would make more sense to change the hose to match the fitting size. You can always use adapters. Of course with the 1/8" size at your engine you probably don't want to get too oversized just to avoid too many adapters.

NPT is National Pipe Thread the standard US tapered pipe thread. Fittings are available in pretty much any marine or hardware store. You will also see it refered to MPT or FPT depending on whether the threads are Male or Female.

For Fuel Pumps, I imagine your engine originally had a mechanical one. Are you trying to find an electric one? A "marine" fuel pump is not really necessay, mine if from an auto parts store. Moyer Marine ( has several too along with all the accessories you would need.(I just noticed that they also list the same small Racor fuel filter I have.)

Either Robert Hess at Atomic Four Engine Service or Don Moyer at Moyer Marine would be good contacts for you. Although they specialize in Atomic 4's they probably picked up information on other Universal engines too.


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